Well, I would like to confess that I like to play the routes in the game without looking at guides to see which kind of ending I would have gotten … that makes me feel like if I were Aoba this or that would’ve happened to me and its hilarious ‘cuz the only one which I could only get a good ending was Koujaku ( I didn’t even chose his route unlike other characters) that makes me feel like (yeah I know is stupid but…XD) that  If that were real maybe I would only be able to be loved by Koujaku just being myself and It makes me kind of happy. SOOOO my only possible lover of that world would be Koujaku without doubt. If not, the only thing that would await would be bad endings XDDD sexy bad endings ….. XDD

To be honest, Mink’s bad end doesn’t really affect me emotionally like the others do. I guess it’s because I haven’t made a strong emotional bond with him like I have the other characters.

Anonymous inquired: I found another dirty dmmd tumblr since the other one has been inactive since March I think! Let me know if it would be okay to send so you can share with all the people asking 😊

That’d be fine, and we’d add it to our list of links on our Links page so we can direct people to send the appropriate confessions to them instead of us.

Just please make sure the second dirty confession blog you’ve found IS active, as in has posted within the last week or two. I don’t want to send our followers to a blog that’s just as inactive as the original dirty confession blog has been, you understand. :)

Anonymous inquired: DMMD can also be watched on GoGoAnime dotcom!
Anonymous inquired: hey quick question i hope you dont mind but, there was another dmmd tumblr for dirty confessions only but its not active? is there another lol help if you can!

I’m only aware of the one dirty DMMd confession blog, and yes I do believe they’re on hiatus at the moment.

We take dirty confessions (so long as they are actual confessions and not some garbled string of idiotic gibberish like I LEIK MUDKIPZ FOOKIN AOBERTZZZ!!!!!1111!!!!. If you people ever send us shit like that, I will immediately delete it so don’t do that please.), and will continue to publish them on here until dirty DMMd gets back from their hiatus. 

However, once they do return and begin posting again, we kindly ask everyone to send their dirty/sexual confessions over to them, as that’s kind of what they’re for lol. 

prettyfuckingdone inquired: I really want to watch dmmd but I only found links to 2 episodes. Are there anymore episodes? And if there are, can you send me links please?

I believe you can find all the episodes on Crunchyroll here. New episodes have a waiting period for regular members/people to watch them, but they are uploading the episodes regardless.

As far as torrents, you can easily find all three current episodes on Nyaa.

I ship NoiCle a lot harder than I ship anyone else; all because my favourite character is Noiz and my crush’s favorite is Clear, and the best part is; we both like each other too.

So I was playing Reconnect and I’m in the middle of Noiz and Aoba’s good route and their having sex, but both my parents walk into my room. I didn’t want to exit out because I didn’t save, so I just minimized the window and turned the volume off. I laid on the floor for a good five minutes talking to my parents while Noiz and Aoba were fucking on the computer screen.

Overall, I’d like to say that the Dmmd helped me smile thanks to a lot of the support some of the fans give and the funny shit that actually goes down. Although, I’m scared to look at a lot of the tags because of the hate and some douchy people, it makes me really sad. I know you can’t avoid people like this in any fandom, but people accusing the characters of doing things and trying to cover up what they have done, e.g Mink raping Aoba. Makes me really mad and upset.

I never trusted Virus, I mean his name is Virus…if that doesn’t warn you about a bad character what does?