I hate fanart and posts and fanfiction where Aoba is on top. The only time I like him as a top is with Sei, but the fandom averts that one out of tnem all. It is annoying.


i would literally shove virus in my vagina and never let him leave

Some of the cliches in DMMD really kill some moments. Don’t get me wrong, the moments are perfectly justified such as Koujaku’s “Was just a kid when he ended up killing his mom/ a bunch of other people while having some sort of power control him” or Noiz’s “I don’t understand how people can have desires outside of having something to gain. Care? Feelings? What are those?” Moments like that felt like they’ve been done in every anime ever. This felt especially prevalent in Koujaku’s route.

I feel that I am alot like Koujaku. Seeing myself as the “womanizer” and seeing how much it hurt my partner made me realize just how much I loved him and wanted to be only his.


It’s concerning how many people seem to play this game in front of children or in the vicinity of children who could see it. That just isn’t a very responsible thing to do.

I’m honestly getting annoyed at how everyone says ”Oh well realistically he would be with __” , Realistically he is a character that risks himself for other peoples sake A LOT. Keep in mind your tastes aren’t his. You may REALISTICALLY not be with one or more of the characters for __ reason but that doesn’t mean Aoba wouldn’t be. The makers made & paired each of the characters with him because THEY WERE POTENTIAL LOVE INTERESTS the CHARACTER, not YOU found attractive for one reason or another.


I have mixed feelings about the anime adaptation, on one hand I’m excited to see the whole thing animated. But on the other hand, I’m worried on how they’re gonna pull off the story.

MY DREAM CAME TRUE! IM SO HAPPY ABOUT DMMD ANIME! I’m still bitter about the bullshit that happened with Togainu no Chi.

Combining these confessions since they’re more or less the same thing (also it saves me from relinking the video over and over and over..)

The announcement for the anime required me to change my panties for at least 3 different reasons LOOK AT THAT ANIME AOBERT

Apologies for the delay in confessions, Mod Halci’s been wrapped up in real life stuff as well as working on something else, and I’ve ended up being a lazy bum for most of this week (and when I’m not being a lazy bum, I’m playing FFXIV and… being a lazy bum in there. orz).

I’ll be getting a few queued this morning while I eat breakfast and wait on some anime to finish downloading, so you’ll all be seeing more today!