I still have yet to watch the anime, but I’ve heard the Alphas’ Dye music and wow I would totally be okay listening to that forever just damn son

so good


when someone sends me anon hate image

I’m really surprised at how much I relate to Aoba. I was also raised by my granny and still live happily with her—I want to live a normal, carefree life without too much hassle, and so far, it seems like we have similar work hours/ethic. He’s really a great source of support for me, in a lot of ways; of course, minus the harem of boys!

Mink’s route made me cry harder than the rest. Watching your entire family, or tribe, die or get captured right in front of your eyes… I can’t even imagine the pain he must have felt…

My original fav was Noiz, but upon reflection on Clear’s whole theme, I switched. I noticed you didn’t like him much and didn’t understand the SCRAP choices that led to the bad/good endings. The whole concept of Clear is the ability to make mistakes conscious decisions good/bad being a human trait. If Aoba takes that ability from him, he then treats Aoba the same way: as a puppet -bad end. In essence he is a sci-fi version of Pinocchio. Aoba being the fairy, Toue is Stromboli.

Hi! I really love your blog ! And I really want to make a confession but I’m sort of new to tumblr and I have no clue how to submit one … ^^’ But if you don’t mind could you please tell me how to ? I’m sorry ! I know it’s dumb ( and probably obvious but I’m afraid to make a mistake..) but I don’t want to bother you .. ! But please ! Thank you very much ! And again amazing blog !!!

— invisableotaku 
Hey! Glad to hear you like the blog.
You can submit confessions one of two ways. Either by using the ask button on the blog (the little envelope icon above the sidebar image on our blog), or through the submit button (the pencil just next to the envelope)!
Please keep in mind that you cannot anonymously submit confessions using the Submit button (least that I know of. I’m new to using that thing myself lmao), so if you would like to anonymously send in a confession, it’s better to do so through the Ask button (provided we have anonymous turned on). However, your confession will always remain anonymous regardless of whether you send it to us anonymously or not. So it’s really just your personal preference what to use!

As a man that was born with a womans body it pains me to see any of the pairings in Dramatical Murder unfold because when they become physical I know that no matter what I will never get to have that same relationship with my own lover that DMMD boys so with eachother. Its not only hot but its beautiful and just touches my feels in a way that resembles a branding iron marking cattle. Especially Aoba and Koujaku.

Anonymous inquired: Alright I feel a little dumb. Since you told me to go into WinRAR it was obvious I needed to extract. I just couldn't find what I was looking for in it first and just started looking through my computer and found it. And I proceed to open it in WinRAR. Sorry to bother you. Have a nice day.


No problem, believe me I have problems like that where I don’t notice things that are right in front of me. No need to feel bad about it, happens to the best of us!

I think Aoba is the most sexual NC+ protagonist.

My mom heard about Dramatical Murder from the Acen facebook page because someone was posting about it, so she comes into my room and she sees that im lookin at Dramatical Murder art(luckily not the porn ones) and shes like “Oh i know that” my heart fucking stopped. I THOUGHT SHE KNEW I WAS PLAYING A BL PORN GAME. Then shes like “a guy on the Acen page said it was like the x-men of anime” so i’m just like “YUP EXACTLY WHAT THAT IS”she can believe whatever she wants as long as she doesnt find out its gay porn