I really like how there are suddenly people in the inbox defending Aoba’s choice to wear yellow socks with an entirely blue outfit. 

Anonymous inquired: I've been wondering why do people hate so much Aoba's socks. I'm indifferent at them, I mean they are just socks, however I do enjoy all the jokes about them, but still I don't get why so much hatred towards them. I thought maybe you knew or thought why. And if you dislike them I would actually want to know why. Thank you!

They’re just so damn ugly and just plain ridiculous like??? Aoba sweetie why???

But, Ok, let me see if I can explain this. So, Aoba’s entire outfit is blue. From his hair color to his belt to his shoes, Aoba has obviously made the conscious decision to look like a walking Blue’s Clue. Other than his marshmallow jacket, he literally wears no other color but different shades of blue. (The jacket hanging up in his room is blue and even the gifts he got for his birthday from everyone were blue-themed). So it seems bizarre that for some reason this boy walked into a store, saw some sunflower-yellow ankle socks and was like “Yes I want these.” 

And you don’t see his socks at first so you’re just milling along, playing the game, and during a nsfw scene all of a sudden it’s like the sun spit in your eyes and you’re like “….what the hell is with the color of these socks?”

But in all honesty: I think that considering Aoba has a clear color motif going on it just sort of threw people playing the game why he chose bright yellow socks of all things to wear with a completely blue outfit. So his yellow socks eventually became a gigantic fandom joke that people seem to be fond of. 

When you find out who Toue’s All Mate is my first thought was “Is All Mate is Hatsune Miku?” And I wasn’t able to take the Rhyme battle seriously after that




as in, literal, fully-detailed, rape. in both good and bad routes. there is also gore, cannibalism, decapitation, limb and eye removal, beastiality, some really gross meaty stuff, drug use, and a lot of other NASTIES.

PLEASE do not play the games if this content triggers you!!!! 

khaleecia inquired: re: your last answer: also, hasnt aoba said that he doesnt really remember those years, especially rhyme? like doesnt that contribute to what youre saying that it really was the "other" aoba (sly blue) when he was a teen?


I believe somewhere in maybe Mink or Ren’s route, Aoba and Sly actually talk about that fact. It’s been a bit since I played Ren’s route so I can’t be sure, but either way :V

Anonymous inquired: what happened with someone and sly blue

Basically they said I had the facts wrong about him and that “Sly Blue” didn’t exist during Aoba’s teenage years and that it was just Aoba being a punkass bitch, or something to that effect.

They don’t seem to get that Sly Blue is simply the name people give to the “other” Aoba, the one who wants to destroy everything and is generally bonkers. It’s what “Aoba” went by as a teen, during the time he was being controlled by the inner self, and so it’s just easier to refer to the “other” Aoba as Sly Blue, rather than “other” Aoba.

Apparently that concept is hard to understand.

Note to jackasses who don’t know a thing about the game or about Sly Blue:

Calling me an idiot when you disagree with the ACTUAL FACTS about Sly Blue is a 100% guaranteed way to piss me off and make me delete your shit without even responding.

But feel free to keep whining and pretending you know everything when you know jack shit

At first, with Ren’s route, I was like “It’s your dog! And your brother! And yourself!” But it’s my favourite route now. I guess I like weird shit


I apologize for putting this post in the tag, but I just want to dispel some misinformation that has been spreading around regarding Re:code.

  • There is no official news that confirms Sly Blue is getting a route or whatsoever. The illustration of Aoba in a…
Anonymous inquired: Not a confession but have you seen the latest tweet about the PS vita version with the leg art?? Is this a new character?


There’s lots of new information coming out, but as far as I can tell the new image is a Morphine version of Aoba.